Sunday, October 14, 2012

Up on Clouds

"Up on Clouds" officially arrived!

This story is about a little girl who misses her mom and thinks her mom doesn’t give her enough attention. One night she is trying to sleep while her Mom is still working, and as she does many nights, she stares out of her window to gaze at the stars and clouds. This night it is particularly bright so the clouds are visible and the little girl begins to dream that she is up in the clouds. While there, the clouds are personified and give her lots of attention.

Through each of her experiences with the clouds, she is reminded of times when her mom did similar activities with her as the clouds were doing with her. She realizes how much her mom contributes to her life, how much she misses her mom, and how grateful she is for the amount of attention that her mom does provide to her. In the end, she awakes to her mom wishing her good night, and realizes how grateful she is for having the mom that she does.

Length: 32 pages
Type: Children's book in paperback
Ages: 2-6

Here are some page shots. Please check out my shop at if you are interested in getting one. xo!

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  1. Wow looks like it turned out awesome. Very impressed :)