Friday, September 16, 2011

A long Journey along with Kazu

-To my favorite beloved teacher Kazuhiko Sano
-"Journey" (Acrylic 4x4)
Kazu, one of the greatest artistes and teachers in the world.
There are too much to say what he has taught me and what I've learned from him;
There are too much to say how much he inspired me and how much he helped me to grow so much as an artist.

I chose "Journey" as a theme to make this piece of art for him.
A Journey that I am going towards to a unknown future as an artist.
I don't know how long it will take me,I don't know how many difficulties I will go through. However, I know I will never be alone- Kazu and his art spirit will always stay deep in my heart, and go all the way along with me on my Journey.

I remember one time I was sitting in his class, painting with all my depressions.
He asked me if I was alright.
I asked him what he would do when he has to paint but feels depressed.
He said, you know you don't have to paint if you don't feel like to. Always listen to your heart-if it says you need a break, take a break, and go back to work when your heart says you are ready.
I asked him a few questions about being an artist.
Ask yourself, and listen to your heart, he said, ask yourself how much desire you have for art, how much courage you have and how much you can sacrifice for art.

He devoted all his life to art, he influenced all my perspective about art.
Whenever I feel insecure and doubt myself;
whenever I think about if I can really be a good artist and how I can do so, I tell myself to be stronger! I tell myself that it's a long journey to make a dream/goal come true, and it takes time, patience, luck, as well as a lot of efforts.

I love the lyrics of the song "Journey". It says out all my feelings...

"It’s a long long journey, till I know where I’m supposed to be.
And I don’t know if I can believe.
When shadows fall and block my eyes, I am lost and know that I must hide.
It’s a long long journey, till I find my way home to you.
Many days I’ve spent, drifting on through empty shores.
Wondering what’s my purpose, wondering how to make me strong.

I know I will falter I know I will cry, I know you’ll be standing by my side.
It’s a long long journey, and I need to be close to you.

Sometimes it feels no one understands,I don’t even know why.
I do the things I do, When pride builds me up till I can’t see my soul,
Will you break down these walls and pull me through?"

I will never forget about the encouragement hug you gave to me as a forever memorial!
All my love to you Kazu!
We all miss you!

-Jessie Chen

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